PM May Offers a Chance for Second Referendum in New Brexit Deal – Forex News by FX Leaders

Things are turning desperate for British PM Theresa May. Ahead of the fourth vote on the Brexit deal in Parliament, May has reportedly reached out to Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn requesting his support for her latest version of the deal.

May’s “new deal” offers the Parliament a chance to consider holding a second referendum on exiting the EU as well. Despite May’s claims of “significant further changes”, several policymakers have already refused to vote on the Brexit deal when it comes up in Parliament during early June.

As Brexit uncertainty increases, JPMorgan has hiked the probability of a no-deal Brexit to 25%, up from 15% previously. The investment bank is anticipating that Boris Johnson could replace Theresa May as PM, following which the UK could head into general elections, which could subsequently delay Brexit beyond the October 31 deadline.

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