Facebook Stops Pre-Installation of its Apps on Huawei Smartphones – Forex News by FX Leaders

According to a report on Reuters, Facebook has stopped pre-installing of its apps on Huawei smartphones in keeping with the US decision to blacklist the company. This comes as a huge blow to the Chinese firm as Facebook offers some of the most popular social networking apps for smartphone users worldwide.

While existing customers can continue using Facebook’s apps on their Huawei devices, Facebook will no longer allow its apps to be installed or updated on new smartphones released by Huawei. This latest move by Facebook is sure to further dampen Huawei’s sales outlook, which has already been revised 20-30% lower in H2 2019.

The news comes on the back of Google’s announcement to stop support for Android OS on Huawei smartphones after the temporary reprieve till August. However, users can continue to access Google Playstore and download Google apps on current models of Huawei devices.

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