EU`s Donald Tusk Doesnt Seem Happy to Leave – Forex News by FX Leaders

Donald Tusk is the president of the European Council and he is on the way out now after the elections for the Europan Parliament which took place last month.

He is Polish and the only Eastern European holding a top position in the EU. Now that he is out, the top positions will be occupied by officials from Western Europe and he doesn’t seem too happy about that. Here are the top positions of the EU:

European Commission president
Outgoing: Jean-Claude Juncker (Luxembourg)
Incoming: Ursula von der Leyen (Germany)
European Parliament president
Outgoing: Antonio Tajani (Italy)
Incoming: David Sassoli (Italy)
European Council president
Outgoing: Donald Tusk (Poland)
Incoming: Charles Michel (Belgium)
European Central Bank president
Outgoing: Mario Draghi (Italy)
Incoming: Christine Lagarde (France)
The new replacements have not yet been approved by the European Parliament but I suppose they will go through, but don’t forget that the new parties like Salvini’s Northern League from Italy have taken a big slice of the parliament. Tusk said that there is always room for improvement on the geographical balance of EU jobs. This might have some implications for the Euro, but we will have to see how it reacts next week.

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